Frankenstein (2018). Silent Animation Loop. 2018.
Commissioned for 'Videographic Frankenstein', Stanford University, September 26-October 26, 2018. Curated by Shane Denson.

As the title suggests, 'Frankenstein (2018)' is yet another adaptation of the Frankenstein mythology for the screen. The Frankenstein mythology considers self-inflicted disaster with technology-gone-wild as the catalyst. As new technology amplifies power, so it amplifies consequences.

The organizing metaphor for the piece is an inscrutable flow chart. There are forces at play among scene elements, but only some are recognized. Some we can only suspect. Two hundred years after Shelley's story, we are indeed imperiled by amok inventions -- far more so. But the scale has changed, inhibiting subjective recognition. It is one thing to understand murder by a monster created by a man. It is another thing entirely to see storms rage and wildfires burn neighborhoods and recognize our share of the blame.
MIXTAPE. Silent Animation Loop. Collaboration with Josephine Taylor. 2018.
A hybrid portrait of individuals merging through exchange. Each is a solar system, or atom, or capstan & supply reel in a tape-deck. They cannot help the distance between them, but they share time and space by sending material between their orbits.
live live live live live. Silent Animation Loop. 2017.
plodding.gif. Animation Cycle Printed on Plywood. 2017.
RELAUNCH. Site-Specific Animation. Arlington, VA. 2013.
A site-specific animation tryptich in Arlington Art Center’s Tiffany Gallery. The animations form a work of installation art responding to the standout architectural feature of the gallery: a trio of Tiffany Studios stained-glass windows.

The Tiffany windows of Arlington Art Center are reconstructed from a larger original set, now stripped of context. RELAUNCH repeats dislocation and transformation, remaking the Tiffany glass in computer graphics for an imagined contemporary audience. The Tiffany Gallery is converted to a cinema space with three screens, each replacing a window. Looping animations echo the now-hidden frames in color, shape, and light.
RELAUNCH Space Documentation. Click to enlarge.
In the End, We Were Never So Different. Silent Animation Loop. 2014.
Two Cold War bombers--one Soviet, one American--follow an endless flight path over an arctic sea. At the end of their useful lives, they spend their days as they are accustomed--flying in circles and dropping no bombs. Perhaps they are fond of each other.

In the End, We Were Never So Different is a meditation on crisis, missed potential, and changing relationships. It is a short film with no clear begining or end, subverting linear time.
Chemical Physical / New Star Trek. Installation View. 2016.
Chemical Physical. Silent Animation Loop. 2013.
New Star Trek. Silent Animation Loop. 2013.
Gallery of Installation Documentation. Click to enlarge.
Mother Duck. Silent Animation Loop. 2011.
Adaptation/Turn Both Keys. Silent Animation Diptych. 2010.
Cannot Stop Now. Silent Animation Loop. 2010.
Station North. Silent Animation Loop. 2009.
Sketchbook Selection. Click to enlarge.